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$109 Basic Eye Exam

$139 Dilation Eye Exam

  • A “healthy” individual should have the dilation exam done a minimum of every 3 years until the age of 60yrs old. After the age of 60, the dilation exam should be done every year.
  • 200O Optomap eye exam is offered in place of a dilation exam with no side effects unlike the dilation.

$148 Comprehensive 200o Optomap Eye Exam

  • Doctors are able to view the back of the eye where they normally wouldn’t have a clue of what’s happening
  • In most cases replaces a dilation
  • Symptoms have been found in patients that can be vision threatening and dangerous in the long term
  • Dr. Bishop insists his family and friends to have this exam done because he wants to ensure nothing is missed

If you are a contact lens wearer or are interested in contact lenses, choose any one of the 3 exams above.

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