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What Are Prescription Safety Glasses?

A young woman trying prescription glasses at an optic store while being assisted by an optometrist.

If eye protection is essential for you, you are probably already familiar with the importance of wearing safety glasses. But did you know that you can get non-prescription and prescription safety eyewear? Prescription safety glasses are like any other pair of safety glasses. But what sets them apart is that their lenses are customized to […]

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Myopia vs. Hyperopia: What’s the Difference?

Vision through a pair of eyeglasses to show the effect of myopia and how glasses can help.

Blurry vision can make everyday tasks difficult. Nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia) are common refractive errors that blur vision. With myopia, your eyes can focus on nearby objects but not on things that are further away. Hyperopia is the opposite–your eyes can focus on distant objects but have difficulty seeing up close.  These refractive errors […]

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Is Blepharitis Contagious?

A close-up of a man's eye to show blepharitis infection on the eye.

Blepharitis is an eye condition that causes inflamed eyelids. It can be uncomfortable, leading to eyelid swelling, redness, and irritation. It’s a common condition—37% to 50% of people get it at some point in their lives especially in Alberta which is owing to many factors such as the climate and the natural skin flora. But […]

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