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Lattice Degeneration

A brief guide to lattice degeneration Lattice degeneration is a relatively common condition affecting about 10% of the Canadian population. Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of it. There are no distinct symptoms associated with lattice degeneration—only if complications arise. A yearly eye exam by one of our optometrists at our three Calgary eye clinics is about the […]

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A Different Kind of Baby Bump: Treating Your Infants Eyelid Styes

You watch your baby’s face when they sleep—the instinctual sucking motion of their mouth, the micro-expressions, and the tiny twitches of their delicate eyelids. But today you notice an irregularity beneath their eyelid, almost like a tiny piece of circular debris got caught on the surface of their eye. A bump on the edge, surface, […]

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