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Pinguecula vs. Pterygium: What’s the Difference?

A close up of an eye with pinguecula.

If you’ve noticed small yellowish growths in your eyes or raised bumps on your eye surface, you may be experiencing a pinguecula or pterygium. It’s vital to understand that while these growths are commonly harmless, monitoring them to ensure they don’t become a problem down the road is essential.  Pingueculas and pterygiums are both non-cancerous, […]

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What is Myopia Management?

A young boy blurred in the background with his head rested on his crossed arms struggles to see clearly in class due to myopia while glasses sit on the desk in focus.

Myopia isn’t merely an inconvenient vision impairment—it’s a global public health issue affecting nearly one-third of the population worldwide. The World Health Organization reports that by 2050, over 50% of the world’s population will be myopic. We know that sounds a little bit dramatic. But childhood myopia tends to become more severe throughout adolescence.  What […]

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