Winter is here, but don’t put those sunglasses away

Winter is here, and you’ve probably hung up the swim trunks and dug out the mitts and toques.

But don’t put those sunglasses away with the summer seasonal items. You might be surprised that ultraviolet radiation (UV) is still harming your eyes, despite the shorter days and higher snowbanks.

UV radiation comes down from the sky with sunlight. And, living in the sunniest city in Canada, Calgary gets a lot of it. Combine sunny days ahead with a higher altitude, and you can probably guess why it’s important to keep those shades nearby.

UV rays are stronger in the spring and summer months, but they still penetrate through on cloudy winter days. Surfaces like water, sand, pavement, and snow reflect UV rays back up at us.

Have you ever been out driving in the winter and the sun shines back up at you from the icy road? When the light is coming from the ground and not the sky, it can be hard to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays without the help of sunglasses.

The Canadian Association of Optometrists explains that overexposure to UV rays year-round has been linked to many health issues, including cataracts, degeneration of the retina, and damage to the cornea.

Wearing sunglasses is a great first step, but don’t forget: not all sunglasses are created equal. When purchasing a new pair of shades, make sure you choose a pair with 100 per cent UVA/UVB stickers. A cheap pair of sunnies might be your go-to, but it’s worth it to spend a couple extra dollars on something that will tone down the light and protect your eyes.

Our Legacy location offers many brands and styles of sunglasses to get you through this winter. You can order your sunglasses from us and rest easy knowing you’re receiving the best protection from the rays with our selection. Book an appointment to have your eyes checked, drop by to take a look at our wide selection, or try them on online with our online frames fitting room.

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