Contact Lenses for Children

Is your child ready to wear Contact Lenses?

If your children wear glasses, it's likely that they will eventually be interested in wearing contact lenses. Generally, this happens in their teens, but kids grow up fast and they may become curious about contacts even at a younger age.

Optometry times did a recent study that involved fitting nearsighted children of ages 8 - 11 with one use contact lenses, 90 % of kids had no trouble applying or removing the contacts without assistance from their parents.

Below are some signs to help determine whether your child is ready to move from glasses on to contacts. 

5 Signs your Child is ready for Contact Lenses

  1. Your child is asking to wear contact lenses. If your child is unhappy with his or her glasses they will be far more motivated to take good care of his or her contact lenses.
  2. Your child does his or her chores without having to be asked repeatedly. Children who show signs of responsibility in all aspects of their lives tend to be good candidates for contact lenses.
  3. He or she is clean and hygienic. Some kids love to get dirty, which is great. It's just not so great when handling contact lenses as poor hygiene may lead to an eye infection.
  4. Your child takes care of his or her glasses. Glasses are expensive and delicate, and kids who make an effort to take good care of them, will naturally take good care of their contact lenses.
  5. He or she is involved in sports. Contact lenses are perfect for children who love sports. They will enjoy better vision and won't need to worry about their glasses slipping off or getting broken glass in their face by accidental impact.


One thing to consider is how much easier it is to take care of contacts with one use lenses. One use lenses don't require the need for additional cleaning solutions and are therefore easy to manage and look after.

If you think your child might be ready to start wearing contact lenses, contact our office today to set up an appointment or go back to our home page to request an appointment online!

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