What is Eyesafe?

Eyesafe is the Alberta Association of Optometrists’ free program designed to provide workers and employers with the highest level of safety eyewear and prescription safety eyewear. Eyesafe ensures that your safety eyewear fits your face, your occupation, and your visual needs. Because Eyesafe is not for profit, they can offer wholesale prices on all safety eyewear.

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The Importance of Safety Eyewear

90% of eye injuries are preventable. Chemicals, glass, wood shavings, and even elements as apparently harmless as dust could spell disaster for your eyes. Wearing protective eyewear is the first step in protecting your vision.

Built for Protection

Covering your eyes is not the same as protecting your eyes. Wearing your everyday glasses or sunglasses may not be enough to save your eyes from potential danger. Safety eyewear is specially made and tested to withstand impact, chemical contact, and more.

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