Eye Exam Pricing

$119 Basic Eye Exam

$157 Comprehensive 200° Optomap Eye Exam OR Dilation Eye Exam

  • In most cases, the 200° Optomap eye exam is offered in place of dilation. Unlike a dilation, the optomap imaging does not have any side effects.
  • Both exams allow your doctor to get a view of the back of the eye that is not possible without optomap imaging or a dilation.
  • Ocular pathology has been found in patients that can be vision threatening and dangerous in the long term that would otherwise be missed without either a dilated fundus examination or the non-invasive optomap screening technology.
  • Dr. Bishop insists his family and friends to have this exam done because he wants to ensure nothing is missed.

If you are a contact lens wearer or are interested in contact lenses, choose any one of the 3 exams above.

Alberta Health Care Eye Exam

Under 19 or over 65 Years Old?

Alberta Health Care will cover your basic eye exam. They will also cover a routine Dilation Exam on a separate day, an exam that should be completed every 3 years before the age of 19 and every year after the age of 65. Retinal photos imaging are strongly recommended to have done at each eye exam: a 45 degree photo is $15 and an Optomap 200 degree photo is $39.

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