Comprehensive Yearly Eye Exams

Your eyes and vision are always changing. The best way to ensure your optimal eye health is through regular eye exams.

The experienced optometrists at Dr. Bishop and Associates offer eye exams for patients of all ages at three convenient Calgary locations.

Thorough Testing for Comprehensive Eye Health
Thanks to our highly advanced technology and procedures, we can offer our patients a complete view of their eye health, including screening for a variety of potentially dangerous eye diseases and conditions.

Our array of eye exam tests include:

  • Refraction
  • Visual Acuity
  • Colour Blindness
  • Ocular Motility
  • Retinoscopy
  • Slit Lamp Exam
  • Dilated Fundus Examination
  • Contact Lens Assessments
  • Retinal Imaging
  • Eye Exams for Every Age
  • Eye alignment
  • Stereopsis/ Depth perception
  • Colour Vision
  • Visual Field Testing

Kids Eye Exams

Kids should have their first eye exam around 6 months old and then on a yearly basis. A lot of your child’s school experience is visual, so regular eye exams are important to ensure they can keep up with classmates. This is also the crucial time to address any developmental concerns as they get significantly more difficult to resolve as kids grow up. Basic eye exams are covered for children by Alberta Health Care up until their 19th birthday.

Adult Eye Exams

Some visual and eye health changes are so slight, you may not even notice them. Getting your eyes checked yearly helps you stay proactive; dealing with any potential issues before they have a significant impact on your vision.

Senior Eye Exams

Adults over the age of 60 are at a higher risk of developing vision-threatening eye conditions. Seniors should have their eyes examined once a year to ensure their prescriptions are up to date and to keep track of any indication of disease. Basic eye exams for seniors 65 years and over are covered by Alberta Health Care on a yearly basis.

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