Custom Specialty Contact Lenses

Your visual needs are unique. And while one brand of contact lenses might be right for your friends or family members, that doesn’t mean it will be the right fit for you.

Our custom specialty contact lenses can help you find clear vision and a comfortable fit, regardless of your eye health needs.

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Orthokeratology (or ortho-k,) also known as corneal reshaping technology (or CRT) is a technique using specialized contact lenses worn overnight to help reshape the cornea. In the morning, the contacts are removed, and the corneas temporarily retain their new shape, providing clear vision. Ortho-K lenses are commonly used as a method of myopia progression control.

Scleral Contact Lenses

While standard gas permeable contact lenses only cover the surface of the cornea, scleral lenses also cover a portion of the sclera, or the white part of the eyes. A scleral lens doesn’t lay directly against the cornea, but rather vaults over the cornea with the edges resting on the sclera.  Since the lens never comes into contact with the cornea this lens is especially useful in many corneal conditions.

Many patients find scleral lenses to be more comfortable and stable, particularly patients with “hard to fit” eyes, Such as in keratoconus or pellucid marginal degeneration. Scleral contacts are also effective for extreme cases of dry eye because they can act as a reservoir; holding tears to hydrate the eye.

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Hybrid Lenses

Hybrid contact lenses are a cross between a gas permeable lens and a soft lens. They have a rigid central section providing superior vision, especially in the case of irregular corneas. Their outer soft "skirt" provides better comfort and fitting characteristics than a classic gas permeable lens.

Insertion - watch this video
Removal - watch this video.

Specialty Soft Lenses

There are other options for people with more complicated vision correction who don't want to use rigid gas permeable lenses. For some patients, options like the Novakone lenses provide significantly better vision than glasses or regular contacts. There are even options for those with higher prescriptions, (Spherical from +30.00 to -30.00 and astigmatism up to -10.00.)

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Everyone over the age of 40 develops some degree of difficulty with focusing. This can really complicate things, especially if you already need glasses to correct your distance vision. Multifocal contacts offer multiple corrective powers or prescriptions within different margins of a single lens. With multifocal lenses, you can see clearly at all distances without changing your eyewear.

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