Why You May Be Experiencing Dry Eyes

Do you often feel a burning or itching sensation in your eyes, sometimes accompanied by blurred vision, soreness, or heavy eyelids? These symptoms are usually a sign of dry eye syndrome, and don't worry, you are definitely not alone in experiencing them. The optometrists at the Dr. Bishop & Associates Calgary eye clinics see many Calgarians who report problems with mild to excessively dry eyes.

Dry Eyes, along with dry skin, dry hair and chapped lips, are all common occurrences in Calgary due to our dry and windy climate. If you've ever had friends or relatives visit from other parts of Canada, then you've likely heard them complain about the dryness, as we have among the lowest humidity levels in the country.

This dry climate, coupled with lifestyle factors such as spending a lot of time on the computer, can mean that your eyes don't receive the lubrication they need from natural tears. Some people have problems with not producing enough tears, while others may have issues with the tears that they do produce evaporating too quickly due to environmental conditions.

Some other common symptoms of dry eyes include: a gritty sensation in the eye, eye redness, eye fatigue that is especially noticeable when reading or using the computer, discomfort when wearing contact lenses, and times of excess tearing followed by very dry episodes of increased eye discomfort.

Looking for Dry Eye Treatments? Visit our Calgary Eye Clinic

You should always see us at one of our Calgary eye clinics to get your eyes checked out if you are experiencing dry eyes, even if you don't feel that the dryness is severe. Not only can our optometrists check to make sure your dry eyes aren't a sign of a more serious ocular condition, but they can also find the right treatment to provide fast and effective relief for your symptoms.

At Dr. Bishop & Associates our optometrists offer treatment for a variety of dry eye syndrome symptoms. We can prescribe the right lubricating eye drops for you, or, in more severe cases, because eye drops don't necessarily take care of all of the symptoms of dry eyes, we can prescribe many other treatment options. At our Calgary eye clinics, we also provide our patients with dry eye nutraceuticals, Blephex Treatment, lid wipes, compresses, and punctal plugs. Dry eye syndrome can have many different causes, and we'll make sure to find the unique combination of treatments that works for you.

With over 30 years of experience caring for the eye health of Calgarians, the optometrists at Dr. Bishop & Associates know how our city's unique climate can affect the eyes and how the lifestyles of Calgarians can contribute to eye dryness.

Contact Dr. Bishop & Associates to book an appointment for your dry eye symptoms, or if you want to learn more about dry eyes visit our NEW dry eye website www.dryeyecanada.com

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