Vison screening VS comprehensive eye exam

What’s the difference between a vision screening and a comprehensive eye exam?

Although they may sound similar, there are a lot of differences between getting a vision screening and a comprehensive eye exam by your optometrists in Calgary.

A vision screening is a set of basic tests to determine if you need a full eye exam. The most important difference between the two is that a vision screening, is just a screening for a small sample of things, it can’t diagnose you. In other words, it can tell you if something is wrong but not exactly what is wrong. Furthermore, screenings can tell if your vision deviates from the standard but it can’t catch every problem. Glaucoma, for instance, will often fly under the radar of a common screening. Vision screening is NOT an eye exam; for proper assessment and full analysis of your eyes and eye health contact your optometrist’s clinic in Calgary.

What to expect from a comprehensive eye exam

Comprehensive eye exams, given by professional optometrists in Calgary, are medical examinations. Although, like any other medical examination, what to expect will depend on what the optometrist already knows about your vision, there are a few steps to the process that you can expect:

  • Your optometrist will gather your medical history to help determine if there are any genetic factors to your eyesight or if any previous health conditions might affect your sight.
  • Next will be a pre-screening which will involve: corneal measurements, visual fields (measuring peripheral vision), eye pressure analysis, color vision testing, muscle balance/eye coordination tests, depth perception screening.
  • After that your optometrist will do an eye health assessment that will establish the overall state of your eye health (whether there are infections, glaucoma, etc.).
  • A visual acuity test will then measure how clear your vision is and a refraction test will determine if you need some kind of corrective lens for your vision.
  • At the end of your exam, your optometrist will be able to diagnose any conditions that might be affecting your eyesight. You will then be able to consult with your optometrist to find out more information about any conditions you might have and discuss the best course of action for you to take.

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