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Stay Safe on the Job with a Calgary Eye Exam

Many occupations require that employees are able to see with 100% clarity in order to complete daily tasks correctly and safely. Jobs that involve operating heavy machinery or other potentially dangerous positions usually require the ability to judge distance, discern safety symbols, read job specific instructions, distinguish colours and maintain active night vision. As an employer, you must be certain all potential and current employees possess these vision abilities to keep them safe and to prevent accidents. Dr. Bishop & Associates provides employers in Calgary with eye exams for your employees. Call us today to set up eye exams for your team.

Occupational Eye Exams in Calgary

Employers often require that workers undergo vision screenings before their employment begins and periodically throughout their employment. Our occupational eye examsin Calgary go above and beyond the comprehensive eye exam, including exercises and a thorough examination designed specifically to test abilities used in the workplace. These exams will ensure workers display a sufficient level of function needed to complete the visual tasks their job requires.

As an employer, you want to ensure workers are assigned to jobs appropriate for their skills and that they will be able to complete tasks safely. Acomprehensive eye exam for new employees will help you place the workers in a job compatible with their visual skills. It may also help to discover an undiagnosed vision problem that, when corrected, could improve the worker’s visual efficiency and ability to do their job.

During these occupational eye exams in Calgary, workers should be tested with their current prescriptions in order to determine if they have sufficient visual abilities at all distances required for their job. We encourage you to set up yearly exams for all employees. This allows us to identify changes in visual function that may affect the worker’s ability to complete job assignments.

A Thorough Examination of Visual Function

An occupational screening will give a clear picture of the worker’s visual function and the tasks that he or she will be able to complete. Our vision tests will assess all of the following:

    • Visual acuity – this will measure the eye’s ability to see details at near and far distances. Eyes are tested separately and are sometimes tested together.
    • Refraction – this test will show your level of refractive error and will determine the right prescription for glasses or contact lenses.
    • Visual field – this test will be used to check for gaps in your peripheral or side vision.
    • Colour vision – this will test your ability to distinguish between different colours. A colour vision test will only detect the problem. Further tests are necessary in order to identify the cause of the problem.

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Ensure your workers have the necessary visual function to complete their jobs safely and accurately. Proper vision will help to prevent worksite accidents and injuries to your employees. Contact us to schedule eye exams for your future and current workers. We’ll work with you to keep your employees safe.

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