How to Promote Healthier Eyes

Was Blind But Now I See: Apps and Activities that Can Promote Healthier Eyes

What would you do without your eyes? It’s probably hard to imagine. Although it’s been said that “eyes are the window to your soul,” the opposite is true: eyes are your windows to the world. Your eyes allow you to capture images and take in the vast landscapes the world has to offer.

Luckily, there are certain things you can do to exercise, strengthen, and improve your eyesight. Apps and optical illusion activities will keep your eyes active and your mind busy.


“There’s an app for that” applies to nearly every situation. It’s not an exaggeration to say that apps have taken the world by storm. You can download gaming apps, beautifying apps, informational apps, and musical apps. Apps make life a little easier and allow people to learn and improve anywhere, at any time.

ULTIMEYES – iOS and Android

ULTIMEYES uses on-screen prompts and 25-minute sessions to improve vision in as little as three weeks. Using the app activates brain plasticity (the brain’s natural ability to adapt to its environment) and fine tunes your brain’s visual processing center. This activation enhances vision and improves eye health and function.

Cost: $9.99

Eye Exerciser – iOS and Android

Tired eyes translate to weak eyes. If you constantly use your smartphone (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), the Eye Exerciser app will stimulate the muscles in your eyes and improve your vision. The app is designed as a daily eye exercise and includes the following features:

  • Basic programs to help your eyes adjust and prepare for exercise
  • Advanced programs to train your eyes to use fine muscles
  • Saccade movements to challenge your eyes to move quickly
  • Near and far programs to encourage your eyes to change optical power
  • Spiral programs to challenge your eyes to use every muscle

Browse the features and choose the programs that will keep your eyes healthy and active.

Cost: $2.99

EyeXercise – iOS

The EyeXercise app has one goal in mind: to provide a natural way to enhance eyesight. This app offers effective eye exercises that you can practice daily to strengthen muscles, lessen impact of strain, and challenge your eyes to stick to a regimen. The developers of EyeXercise believe there are a number of benefits of daily eye exercises. These benefits include the following:

  • Sooths and lubricates the eyes
  • Relaxes and tones the eye muscles
  • Improves and rebuilds vision

Train your eyes to stick to a regimen with the help of EyeXercise.

Cost: $2.99

GlassesOff: Read Without Glasses – iOS and Android

GlassesOff was designed to enhance your brain’s image processing function and to help you improve your near vision. This app evaluates your short vision and then offers a personalized program for your eyes. GlassesOff is best for those who experience the natural effects of aging on near vision (such as finding it difficult to read) or who experience blurred vision, fatigue, and headaches while reading.

Cost: Free

Mind and Eye Exerciser – iOS

Exercise isn’t all sweat and fatigue; it can be fun. The Mind and Eye Exerciser app has a series of games that will exercise your mind and your visual-spatial ability (the ability to mentally manipulate 2- and 3-dimensional figures). The games are easy, fun, and addictive. Once you start playing, your eyes will beg you to play again and again.

Cost: Free

Eye Workout – iOS

Do you have fifteen minutes to spare? Get your eyes fit with Eye Workout. This app takes five minutes, three times a day to improve your vision, restore poor eyesight, and warm up the muscles in your eyes.

When can you expect to see a change? Your vision may begin to change within hours or even days. The more time you put into eye fitness, the healthier your eyes will be.

Cost: $0.99


If you want to stray away from technology and lose yourself in a traditional medium, there are plenty of book-based activities that will strengthen your eye muscles, challenge your eyesight, and improve your vision.

Optical Illusions

According to Merriam-Webster, an optical illusion is “something that looks different from what it is.” Optical illusions can stimulate your eyes and improve your vision.

  • The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions by Al Seckel includes hundreds of the world’s most powerful optical illusions. You will lose yourself in page after page of colour and mind-boggling images.
  • Optical Illusions by DK Publishing will trick your eyes with spinning objects and 3D sculptures.
  • Optical Illusions by Paul M. Baars covers everything from vibration effects and inversions to camouflage and tessellations. Tease your brain with a collection of pictures, colours, and things that aren’t really there.

Whether you have 20/20 vision or are legally blind, eye exercises, apps, and activities will challenge your eyes and improve your overall vision. If you need a professional eye examination or want to learn about more ways to exercise your eyes, contact your local optometrist today.

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