FREE Eye Wear for Kindergarten Students

Starting school is an exciting time for children, and for children first entering Kindergarten, it can also be an overwhelming time. 

What is the Eye See…Eye Learn program?

The Alberta Association of Optometrists (AAO), in partnership with Alberta Health, developed the Eye See… Eye Learn (ESEL) program to ensure Kindergarten students are able to successfully transition into school. As a participating clinic, Kindergarten-aged* children have access to FREE eye wear through any of our four Calgary offices. 

Why is children’s eye care important? 

 why childrens eye care matters

Children – especially young children – may have trouble verbalizing when they are experiencing vision problems to the adults around them. An estimated 80 per cent of learning is visual; therefore, children who experience vision problems are more likely to have a short attention span and become easily disengaged with learning material.  

Common signs of an undiagnosed vision problem:

  • Frequent blinking or eye rubbing
  • Squinting
  • Holding reading material abnormal close
  • Short attention span

How do I get my child started?

The first step is to book your child’s eye exam. During this examination, your child’s eye doctor will determine if your child needs prescription glasses. If your child does require glasses, they will be provided with a free pair through the ESEL program. 

Call 403.974.3937 (EYES) for more information, or to book your child’s exam.  

*Children must be 5 years old to be eligible to take part in ESEL.

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