Optomap Retinal Scanning

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Located near the back of the eye, the retina is a thin layer of tissue that sends light information to the brain. It’s also the only area of the body where blood vessels can be seen directly, meaning that not only signs of eye conditions can be detected, but also other diseases like stroke, heart disease and more. In short, your eyes truly are a window to your health.

If you need an eye doctor in Calgary, turn to Dr. Bishop & Associates. For patients experiencing vision problems, our doctors can provide optomap® retinal scanning to pinpoint issues. The optomap® technology is able to record a 200-degree photo of the eye. That means it captures more than 80 percent of the retina in one panoramic image. Compared to traditional imaging methods that can only take a 45-degree photo and reveal 15 percent of the retina, optomap® imaging is the way to go. Getting an optomap® image from Dr. Bishop & Associates is fast, painless and comfortable and it helps our doctors detect eye problems more quickly and easily.

What are the Benefits of Optomap® Retinal Scanning?

Optomap® retinal scanning is a quick and painless procedure and it boasts many important benefits, some of which aren’t related specifically to eye health. Among the reasons optomap® retinal scanning can be beneficial include:

  • Early detection: Cancer, strokes, cardiovascular disease and other life-threatening diseases can be detected.
  • Effective: Optomap® images can detect retinal diseases much easier than traditional retinal cameras providing early protection from vision impairment and blindness.

Why Choose Dr. Bishop & Associates for your Optomap® Procedure?

Here at Dr. Bishop & Associates, we are always working to provide our patients with the eye care you need. That’s why we offer optomap® retinal scanning to our patients! In fact, we are one of the only eye care professionals in Calgary and the surrounding areas that have this type of retinal imaging available.

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