Experience contact lenses for FREE!

Have you worn contact lenses before and stopped? Are your contact lenses dry at the end of the day? Do you only find your contact lenses to be “okay”? At Dr. Bishop & Associates Calgary eye clinic they give you the opportunity to experience new technology in contact lenses for FREE.

I’ve always wanted to wear contact lenses especially when my glasses always seem to fall off or slip down my face while I’m playing sports or doing other activities. I was unsure about contact lenses so last week I went into Dr. Bishop & Associates and did a walk-about with Dr. Ah-Seng at the Marlborough Mall optometrist office. It was great, I got to really experience how the lenses would feel on my eye and how crisp and clear my vision was.

After Dr. Ah-Seng inserted the lenses into my eyes I wandered around the mall for twenty minutes so that I could really get a true feel for how the vision and comfort is in the contact lenses. When I went back to the office we discussed my options and whether or not the contact lenses would be a good fit for me. I initially was fitted into the monthly disposable Ultra contact lenses but after going through the fitting assessment, Dr. Ah-Seng and I felt the one use disposable Acuvue Oasys 1-Day lenses were more suitable to my lifestyle.

Click the link below to see a video of me at Dr. Bishop & Associates doing the walk-about.


If you are interested in contact lenses or if you currently wear contact lenses but aren’t happy with the way they are fitting; call Dr. Bishop & Associates to find out how you can do their FREE of charge walk-about. It is an excellent way for you to experience contact lenses.

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