Duette Multifocal

 SynergEyes Duette Multifocal

We here at Dr. Bishop & Associates would like to introduce our patients to the newest and best technology in contact lenses from SynergEyes called Duette Multifocal. Most aging adults notice their eyesight changes over time. Most people over 45 need help seeing both distance and near at the same time without the aid of glasses or contact lenses. Although there are many multifocal contact lenses, not all of them can provide correction for distance while also obtaining good vision for seeing up close.

SynergEyes has introduced a new lens called Duette Multifocal. This lens has a rigid center that offers clear, crisp and better vision at all distances but with the all-day comfort of the soft contact lens, which totally encompasses the rigid lens. The rigid lens does not touch your eye at all it’s only the soft lens touching your eye and eyelids which provides you with the comfort of a soft contact lens. Whether you’re working at a computer, driving a car, reading a book, golfing, exercising or playing sports of any kind, these contact lenses will provide a seamless transition between activities while keeping your eyes looking and feeling great.

Duette Multifocal contact lenses are custom made for all types of people, so not only is it well suited for multifocal wearers who are looking for great vision from every point of view, it also works well for people with astigmatism.

If you have more questions about this lens or if you are interested in wearing it, call today to book an appointment with one of our Calgary Optometrists.

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