Dry Eye Relief in the Winter

Although it might seem simple from the name, dry eyes can actually be pretty complicated. The tears that sooth and lubricate your eyes aren’t just water. In fact, water is only one component in a complex system that also includes mucus and oil. These three substances all help to keep your eye from drying out.

In the winter, when the air is cold and dry, keeping your eyes from drying out is an even more challenging task. Dry environments cause the liquid in your eye to dry out very quickly, making vision care more important. What’s more, during harsh Calgary winters, we tend to spend more time indoors so if you have any dust allergies, these can be exacerbated by longer exposure to allergens.

During the winter, many people assume that dry eyes are always the result of the dry air. This can lead people who have problems with their eyes to dismiss their symptoms as a seasonal inconvenience. Some other reasons people get dry eyes include:

  • Side effects from some medications
  • Aging
  • Not blinking enough (when watching television, for instance)
  • Inflammation from a disease or irritation can block the ducts that secrete water and oil into your eyes

If you regularly get dry eyes that irritate you or otherwise make daily life more of a challenge, you should consult your local visioncare specialist for an optical exam in the Calgary area.

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