Contact Lens Assessment

Contact Lens Assessment in Calgary from Dr. Bishop & Associates

Contact lenses are one of the most common and popular vision enhancers. However, they must be fitted properly to provide the best possible advantages. With a contact lens assessment in Calgary from Dr. Bishop & Associates, we are able to get our patients exactly what they need. Each patient’s eye health and needs are different, which makes contact lens assessments extremely important. Our assessments include:

  • Training on how to properly remove and insert the contacts
  • Tips for properly caring and maintaining your contact lenses
  • Keratometry reading and corneal topography
  • Lens changes (within the same parameters) or any adjustments
  • Lid evaluation, slit lamp, and cornea-conjunctival staining
  • Advice and discussion about the design of the lenses and which type of contact lens will work best
  • A doctor will verify the lenses are sitting correctly and comfortable on the eyes for the patient

Why Contact Lenses in Calgary?

While glasses and contact lenses serve generally the same function, contacts can offer several distinct advantages. Here are a few reasons while some patients choose to incorporate contact lenses into their life:

  • Great for sports and active people because they don’t interfere or fall off like glasses
  • Contacts won’t fog up, regardless of the weather conditions
  • Without frames to obscure your face, you have a more natural look
  • No reflections or distortions
  • Contacts stay in place, they don’t slip or fall off like glasses
  • They won’t rub against your ears or pinch your nose

Choose Dr. Bishop & Associates for Your Contact Lens Assessment

Here at Dr. Bishop & Associates, we are committed to providing our patients with comprehensive eye care. We have long been a trusted resource for contact lens assessments and other eyewear-related needs in the area. Among the reasons you should choose Dr. Bishop & Associates for your contact lens needs include:

  • If you are not happy with your contact lenses, we will exchange them or refit you into different lenses. It’s our satisfaction guarantee
  • If your prescription changes, we offer free exchange for all unopened, unmarked, unexpired boxes of disposable lenses. We also offer free replacement for any damaged disposable lenses
  • Knowledge and advice from expertly trained doctors and staff. We are open 7 days a week at 3 convenient locations.
  • Follow-up exams for contact lenses are free for one year
  • We have a convenient inventory of contact lenses at our office available directly after your exam. We also can offer contact lens solution at better prices than pharmacy or grocery store discounts.

We also keep our patients informed of any available manufacturer’s rebates or new technology that becomes available. Ready to see what Dr. Bishop & Associates can do for you? Call today to schedule an appointment.

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