Coloured contacts FAQ

Things to know about coloured contact lenses

Interested in coloured contact lenses? Whether you have them in mind for a special occasion or want them for daily use, you'll need to visit an eye clinic for an eye exam first. Even if your vision is 20/20, in Calgary, and throughout the rest of Alberta, you still need a prescription to buy contact lenses. Because contacts are considered a medical device, and one that poses possible health risks if precautions aren't taken, vendors are required by law to sell lenses only to those that have a valid prescription from an optometrist. 

What's involved in an eye exam for coloured contact lenses?

The First step in any Calgary eye exam is to check your vision and overall ocular health. If necessary, a prescription will be determined to correct any difficulties you have in seeing. If your eyes are found to be generally healthy, the next component of the exam will be to assess the correct measurement of contact lenses for your eyes. Contact lenses, even the coloured variety, are not one size fits all. The final stage of the exam involves assessing what type and brand of contact will work best for you and then try them on. Your optometrist will make sure you know how to insert, remove and care for your contact lenses so as to not cause yourself injury or illness.

Types of coloured contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses come in a wide assortment of colours, some of which are dramatic jewel tones, and others that are more subtly hued and designed to resemble natural eye pigmentation. Grey, blue, green, brown and even violet shades are among the possibilities. You can select just one colour or opt for a pack that includes the full spectrum. 

Where to buy coloured contact lenses?

Always choose contact lens vendors who require a prescription and avoid getting coloured contacts from novelty stores, flea markets, salons and costume shops. Contacts from these places are not the same kind you get from an optical clinic and can potentially injure your eyes. In addition, circle lenses, otherwise known as anime lenses, are not considered safe for use and should be avoided.

At Dr. Bishop & Associates, we suggest you always buy your contacts from a reputable eye clinic. Our group of optometrists work out of three convenient Calgary locations (Southcentre Mall, Marlborough Mall, and Northland Village Mall), all of which are open seven days a week. Contact us to schedule an eye exam or drop in and we\'ll do our best to accommodate you.

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