Beauty Enhancing Contact Lenses

Acuvue 1 Day Define

Contact lenses that naturally enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Our clinic was recently introduced to a new, unique and fun one use contact lens from Johnson & Johnson. Acuvue 1 Day Define lenses come in 5 different designs. Natural Sparkle, Natural Shimmer, Natural Shine, Accent and Vivid. All 5 of these designs, whether or not you have dark or light eyes will naturally blend in and intensify your eyes while giving them a more defined look.

Screen Shot 2018 08 18 at 9.13.16 PM

We had our staff members test out the Acuvue 1 day define lenses and the outcome was awesome! It made their eyes really stand out and made them look more radiant but while still having their own unique look, just a more enhanced version. Below is a before and after photo of how our Optometric Assistant Tia looked in the Natural Shine blend.

Screen Shot 2018 08 18 at 9.15.34 PM

The result: Brighter, healthier eyes with minimal effort. Tia looks great in the Natural Shine lenses.

If you're interested in enhancing your natural radiance then contact any one of our 3 offices today and find out how you can be fitted in these striking new lenses. 

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